Hey there! 

I'm Robyn & I'm glad you are here

Creative, I believe in you!

I believe in your ability to create magic in any industry, whether as a photographer, designer, event manager, product developer, solopreneur, or freelancer. I believe you have the power to make a real change that impacts the world and services all communities! 

I believe when you start the right business it will be extremely fun, good for the soul, and lucrative. I also believe that we are on different journeys and therefore our creativity will look uniquely different to others. 

I know what being a Creative who relies on their creativity for a living gets lonely. The world doesn't always allow us to see our tribe or even to see ourselves as worthy. 

Dear Creative, your creativity matters.

You have come to the right place. I am here to walk alongside side you as you start the right business, tap into your Creativity and impact the world. 

When big-hearted Creatives do what they are called to do, everything wins. 

Inner Voice Creative is a completely different organisation now than when I started it in July 2018. 

In the beginning, I offered photographic  exhibition management and curation services. Creating exhibition for organisations that wanted to use creativity to share a very important message. Photography has an amazing way in breaking down barriers. We created, curated and exhibited exhibitions  for St John South Africa, )Lunar, and SA Fashion. We also worked with photography foundations like the The Market Workshop and the World Press Photo Foundation in bridging the  gap between African creatives and the world. 

In January 2020, I realised that in order to amplify the voices of Creatives in Africa we need to walk alongside them first.

Our approach changed just as the world was swept by a pandemic. I moved from representing Creatives to walking alongside them. Today we have helped Creatives  started the right business, tap into their creativity, and create a lasting impact in their communities

Today, our community is driven by:


We believe that every Creative has a unique voice that this world needs to hear, right now. It’s not taught to them but rather it’s part of their DNA. It’s intrinsic to who they are and inside of each and every one of us.


We believe that it’s our collective responsibility to share the creative innovation that is inside us all. We believe in extending our connections through the right communication across all medium and not limiting ourselves to traditional forms.


We define Creatives as individuals that can create something from nothing or can combine different elements together to make something new. Creatives who are innovators, creative and critical thinkers

Inner Voice Creative is here to walk alongside you as you grow, and build a business you love. And yes, creatives are wired to create for-purpose businesses that are lucrative and impactful!

Whether you’re starting or growing your business. Trying to tap into your courage and creativity. We are here to walk alongside you through our peer-mentorship groups, clarity sessions, or online courses.  

We can help you win by:


A community for Creative Entrepreneurs


Clarity sessions for busy Creatives


Micro-courses that gives back


We know that time is short, and knowledge is valuable.

A little more about Robyn

I’m a born-and-raised South African with nothing more than passion, a laptop, and a dream. And I’m so proud to have created a space where creatives feel they belong, feel safe, and can be brave with their creativity!

I started my journey as a photography assistant and eventually represented 300+ African photographers to the world. But soon, the profound call to serve you, our creatives community, led me to start Inner Voice Creative.

I can’t wait to help you tap into your creativity so that you can leave a lasting impact on your community! Be brave with your creativity